Fly fishing, casting, tuition, fishing flies, fishing vacations and trips in Scotland

Fishing instructor, fly fishing tuition and fishing trips based in Scotland. Salmon and trout fishing advice, flies and articles.

Fly fishing, casting, tuition, fishing flies, fishing vacations and trips

Fly fishing, fly casting of various styles such as overhead casting, spey casting, underhand casting, roll casting. Fly fishing and fly casting instruction and tuition by Ally Gowans a professional angling instructor who provides fishing, fly tying and casting tuition. Fishing vacations for trout and salmon in Scotland, Alberta, New Brunswick, Gaspe, Quebec, Norway, Spain and Ireland. Fishing schools and fly fishing courses in Scotland and Canada to help you to learn fly fishing from a respected top class teacher. Visit the Highlands of Scotland and fish famous rivers and lochs with Ally see for details. Some of Ally's (and the World's) most famous salmon flies for sale and lots of information on trout and salmon flies and fishing. This site is written by a fly fisherman for fly fishermen. Letsflyfish, fly fishing for fly fishers and angling!

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