Spey Casting instruction - Snake Roll cast

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A sequence of photos demonstrating how to Snake Roll cast

Well known Spey Casting instructor Alastair (Ally) Gowans demonstrates how to Snake Roll cast efficiently.. The Snake Roll cast is a useful cast for fishing in a downstream wind, especially with floating lines. A preliminary Roll cast is normally necessary if the line is sunken and the Double Spey or Snap D are usually better choices. Unfortunately this cast normally requires more space than most to the bank side of the angler but this can be reduced significantly when using shooting heads. Avoid using the Snake Roll with an upstream wind, it can be very dangerous to your person. Spey Casting Made Easy DVD contains detailed instructions on the physics and ergonomics of most Spey casting techniques and is available for online purchase.

Snake Roll Cast
About to start the circle motion Starting the Snake Roll
Half way through the circle Making the "snake"
Circle complete Making the circle
Pulling back to form a D loop Circling completed
Forward acceleration Forming the D loop
Cast complete Cast complete
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