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Fly casting instruction gift voucher or fly fishing tuition gift voucher.

fly fishing tuition gift voucher
Fly fishing tuition gift voucher - learning to Spey cast - R Tummel

A fly casting or fly fishing tuition gift voucher is the ideal present for a fly fisher friend. A couple of hours of professional fly casting instruction can change a mediocre caster into a fly fisherman that fully understands how to make all sorts of casts, overhead, roll casts, Spey casts, Skagit casts, Underhand casts, shooting heads and lots of other fly casting and fly fishing techniques too. Single and double hauls, reach casts, various line mends, curve casts, coping with wind, salt water fly casting techniques, the list goes on, too many to mention but be assured that you will be giving someone the opportunity to learn from one of the World's most qualified and experienced fly fishing instructors.

gift voucher fly casting instruction
Gift voucher - fly casting instruction R Tummel

Fly fishing can be expensive and indeed many salmon rivers are charging considerably more per hour of fishing time than it costs per hour for a lesson from a top class instructor. It makes real good sense to use that expensive fishing time effectively, minimise the risk of accidents, avoid frustration and greatly improve chances of success by spending a little time improving techniques, ensuring that tackle and methods are appropriate and increasing confidence to make every fishing trip a better and more enjoyable experience. For beginners starting correctly is a hugely valuable asset that will set them up for a lifetime of fly fishing fun.

Vouchers are available for a minimum of two hour lessons, half day and full day vouchers are popular gifts and these can be redeemed as two hour lessons or longer periods to suit the customer. Unless otherwise arranged tuition is given at Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland where the R Tummel and its beautiful surrounds give ample scope for learning all types of fly fishing techniques and opportunities to put many of these methods into practice because the area is rich in fly fishing opportunities. Pitlochry is easy to reach by road - the A9, by rail mainline station in the town and from Scotland's major airports normal driving time 90 minutes to two hours.

fly fishing instruction gift voucher

Fly casting lessons can be arranged when the voucher is purchased or more usually they are arranged later to suit the customer. The use of suitable tackle and waders (if required) is included in the voucher, so even if the recipient has never held a rod before and just wants to experience the fantastic sport of fly fishing they can, without incurring additional expense. All that they need to do is to wear suitable outdoor clothing and bring along a pair of sunglasses or other suitable eyewear that will afford protection whist being taught.

To arrange for a gift voucher e-mail Ally or call 01796473718.

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