Spey Casting instruction - Snap C cast

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A sequence of photos demonstrating how to Snap C cast

Ally Gowans demonstrates how to use the Snap C cast efficiently. This cast is most used when the wind is upstream, it is an excellent cast for fishing from a high bank and it is the preferred cast for making big changes of direction, particularly with shooting heads. With practice it is possible cast from any direction to any direction within a 180 degree arc. With some adaptation it can be used to make casts with a minimum of space behind. Spey Casting Made Easy DVD contains detailed instructions on the physics and ergonomics of most Spey casting techniques and is available for online purchase.

Snap C Cast
Making the upstream snap Starting the Snap C cast
Swinging the rod downstream to locate the anchor correctly Swing the rtod downstream after the snap
Picking the line up by swinging the rod upstream to form a D loop Rotate the rod upstream to form a D loop
Pulling the line back to form a D loop Forming a D loop
D Loop finished Completing the D loop
Cast completed Finishing the cast
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