Catch & Release rules for salmon and trout
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Catch and Release recommendations for good practice

underwater salmon
Keep the fish in the water, let it breath. This lovely spring salmon was caught on my local beat of the River Tummel, Perthshire, Scotland.

As our precious fish stocks become more and more threatened by man's endevours it is clear that if our sport is to survive we must ensure sustainability. Wildlife does not need artifical stock enhancement but it needs suitable habitat and environment and the resource must not be over exploited. Catch and release is the best way to ensure fish for future generations. Caring for the environment is the best way to ensure a World for future generations.

Follow those few simple rules and your fish will have the best chance of surviving:

  1. Use barbless hooks.
  2. Avoid using trebles because they can cause unnecessary damage.
  3. Use tackle that is strong enough to bring fish to hand quickly, avoid overtiring them.
  4. Use knotless mesh landing nets, to avoid damage to eyes, gills, fins and body.
  5. Never use gaffs or tailers or drag fish ashore.
  6. Keep the fish in the water, let it breath. Taking a fish from the water after playing it is like asking you to run a half marathon then hold your breath for five minutes!
  7. Measure the fish against your rod or carry a soft measuring tape if you want to estimate its weight. Use my fish weight o'meter when you get home.
  8. Take a picture to show your friends.
  9. Hold the fish carefully facing the current, support it from beneath until it recovers sufficient for a safe release.
  10. Be proud of your contribution to the future of gamefishing.
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